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Our Virtual Try-on Clothes and Accessories will be make shopping an easy, fast and fun experience. We will be able to estimate the correct fit of clothes and/or accessories as well as the enable our customers to select the right clothes and/or accessories based on their preferences. Along with a self checkout and recommendation modules in place, this product in offline retail shops can save time and money by reducing long queues in billing and trial rooms. In an online scenario, we would be able to save the retailer a lot of time and reduce costs in supply chain operations.


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Dense Human Pose Estimation

This is a demo of the Densepose estimation of a human. This software can estimate the pose of a person in the image and can also estimate what the person is wearing. It can also transfer styles from a certain dress and super-impose it on the current person, flawlessly!!

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Computer Vision for Driverless Cars

This image segmentation software is prototype for a driverless car computer vision analytics module. This software can diffrentiate various objects and instances of common object found on the road. This can be help drivers/cars determine the next action to take based on the feedback from the camera.

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Image Captioning

A red car is parked on the side of the road .
The above is the text the Image Captioning software generated when the software was given an image to process. As you can see it has recognized a red car in the photo and also recognized that the car is parked on the side of the road . This can caption any kind of scene given to it, and can also tag/caption videos.

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Object Detection

Not only does this software predict what is present in the image but also can predict exactly where it is present in the image with pixel level accuracies..

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Optical Character Recognition

This software can read text from images. It can easily read receipts,invoices,billboards and books/pdf. Below is a sample inference of a book I read recently.

1.1 What is computer vision?
As humans, we perceive the three-dimensional structure of the world around us with apparent ease. Think of how vivid the three-dimensional percept is when you look at a vase of flowers sitting on the table next to you. You can tell the shape and translucency of each petal through the subtle patterns of light and Shading that play across its surface and effortlessly segment each flower from the background of the scene (Figure 1.1). Looking at a framed group por- trait, you can easily count (and name) all of the people in the picture and even guess at their emotions from their facial appearance. Perceptual psychologists have spent decades trying to understand how the visual system works and, even though they can devise optical illusions! to tease apart some of its principles (Figure 1.3), a complete solution to this puzzle remains elusive (Marr 1982; Palmer 1999; Livingstone 2008).

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Human Pose Estimation

This software can predict what pose the person is at. It predicts the pose the person is at and also predict where the joints of the person is at . Using this we can do analytics for training and prediction of a persons next movement.

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